Planning and Execution

For your next project come consult with us. From a custom, built-in kitchen or bathroom that is adapted to your home, a unique disposable piece of furniture for complete design and construction - we are here for you.

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The Services We Provide

We make sure to take care of every step of the way
For your own unique home or office. This is why the skilled design and construction teams at Golander Carpentry work with you to create the product that suits you today - and in the future.

Design and execution

Need help developing your office design idea? No problem - we are connected to talented designers who will help you develop your idea from concept to completion… One place where you can handle both design and execution down to the last detail.

Restoration work

We understand the family disorder when renovating a home. This is why we work as quickly and efficiently as possible to renovate your home and help you and your family return to a better routine.


We use quality wood and resistant to environmental damage, our favorite wood for this field is the most traditional and common pine wood. Thins of this type can be found in many villas and homes around the world and in Philadelphia because it is easy and simple to build.

Privet houses

Custom homes bring years of enjoyment. Every custom home starts with listening and ends with quality, we always strive to make the planning and construction journey a fun process. Our skilled team knows how to integrate with other teams that work for you.

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Whether you are building your home, renovating or adding to your existing property, our team pays attention to creating the perfect space for you and your family in the spirit of connecting to the four elements of nature in order to create maximum harmony and comfort.

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